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Life Experience is a community interest company that has been delivering sessions for almost 5 years and was registered in November 2017.

“I believe if the right message is delivered, to the right person at the right time, anyone can change.
After 10 years of addiction and 2 prison sentences, I’m a perfect example.”
Phil Pearce

Director, Life Experience

We are unique in how we deliver our message,  our team is only made up from people with lived experience, who will only deliver on topics directly associated with their past.

At Life Experience, we are known for the creative ways in which we deliver sessions and always try to make each project different.

We’re award winning!

In January 2019 the Child Friendly Leeds Awards, which were superhero themed, saw us win our first award from our first nomination in the category ‘inspiring creativity through arts and culture’.

An overview of our work

Our sessions cover:

  • Anti Social Behaviour
  • Substance Misuse
  • Bullying
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Knife Crime
  • Stereotyping

Serious Youth Violence

Our knife crime campaign has been the biggest we’ve run and understandably so. We brought together four volunteers to deliver the real life sessions.

We have been working alongside communities,  Police, councils and local groups across West Yorkshire to make an impact on knife crime.

The PENG Project

PENG to a teenager refers to something that’s good and for the adults it meant Providing Entrepreneurs for the Next Generation.

The idea was to take a group of youths currently working with Forward Leeds and give them a project that they control.

Spoken Word

Creativity plays a part in everything that Life Experience plan and Spoken Word is usually at the centre of that. Whether it’s getting young people to write their own, using lines of poetry to provoke conversation, creating videos to match words used, putting life stories on paper or just delivering pieces of emotional spoken word to really highlight an issue.

Team Biographies

Hayden Lee Jessop

Hayden Lee Jessop

Phil Pearce - Director

Phil Pearce - Director

David Saltonstall

David Saltonstall

Rob Brown

Rob Brown

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